Bombardier Aerospace

Global XRS

Delivery: 07.10.2009
Registration Region: Europe
Seats: 10
Airframe Total Time: 3011
Airframe Cycles: 1182
Airframe Service Program: none
Engines Service Program: none
APU Service Program: none
21.3" bulkhead monitor
18” pop-up monitor
31.5” monitor
two discs Media Player
two Video Game Ports
Global office interface LAN with email
Internet access
file sharing
network drive access
Airshow Interactive Passenger Tailwind 500
Securaplane system

Electronic Flight Bag

The long range Global Express XRS business jet is one of the best aircraft in its class offering its passengers the 米ost spacious cabin and state-of-the-art equipment while its impressive range of 6 300 nm (for 8 passengers) allows it to reach virtually any corner of the globe nonstop. This aircraft was delivered in 2009 and is in perfect condition, sporting an incredibly stylish livery – its silver fuselage is accented by a diagonal nose-to-tail white and black stripe giving it an even 米ore dynamic look. The plane is fully equipped for FANS 1/A+ requirements and has such important options as CPDLC, ADS-B Out, and TCAS 7.1.

The cabin of the Global Express XRS is divided into three zones which can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers and is designed using classic light beige colours, accented by dark chocolate elements. The galley and crew rest area are located in the front. The forward cabin is equipped with a 3-place divan opposite two leather-clad club seats with foldout tables; the 米id-cabin has four club seats with a table and an office chair opposite. The aft zone has another 3-seat foldout divan and a full-size TV.

The plane is equipped with a 米obile office, sat phones, and Wi-Fi.
Сlassic light beige colours, accentuated by dark chocolate and beautiful deep blue elements.
The aft zone has another 3-seat foldout divan and a full-size TV.

  1. single wide seats club seats
  2. double seats
  3. 3-seat fold-out divan
  4. fold-out tables
  5. conference table
  6. diagonal TV stand
  7. crew rest area
  8. baggage compartment
  9. wardrobe
  10. lavatories (fore and aft)
99 500.00 磅 / 45 132.44 公斤
48.35 英尺 / 14.74 米
8.17 英尺 / 2.49 米
6.25 英尺 / 1.90 米
2 140.00 立方英尺 / 60.60 к立方米
5 904 nm / 10 934 km
476 Ktas/真空速节 / 882 公里/小时
51 000 英尺 / 15 545 米
99.40 英尺 / 30.30 米
25.50 英尺 / 7.77 米
94.00 英尺 / 28.65 米