Bombardier Aerospace

Challenger 300

Delivery: June 2012
Registration Region: Europe
Seats: 10
Airframe Total Time: 1528
Airframe Cycles: 1054
Airframe Service Program: N/A
Engines Service Program: JSSI Pro Rata
APU Service Program: On JSSI Service Programme
Airshow 4000 System with Domestic Package
Duel DVD Player (Exchange)
Rechargeable Crew Flashing-dual
Enhanced Map Overlays
Lightning detection system
Cockpit mute switch

Become the happy owner of this superb Challenger 300, the best-selling super-midsize business jet. This fresh, low-hours aircraft is one of the hottest deals on today’s market and exceeds expectations in quality, interior amenities, and performance. A classic 9-passenger layout with 6 seats and a 3-seat divan in the back, plus a lav seat when necessary, coupled with a flat floor, wide cabin, a tranquil colour scheme of the interior, and outstanding flight characteristics make this aircraft the perfectly balanced option for private and corporate travel.

This elegant, overall light interior with beige chairs and contrasting walnut burl veneer is peaceful and inviting. The feeling of space is augmented by natural light coming through the windows. The aircraft is equipped with a number of connectivity and entertainment options, including wi-fi, sat phones, and Airshow, making it possible to stay in touch with the world or indulge in your favourite pastimes in flight.

The attention to detail with which the interior has been outfitted is astonishing. Everything on this plane is in the right place.
The avionics suite makes this plane a joy to fly and enhances flight safety and efficiency. Modern systems help reduce pilot workload and help in reduced visibility or adverse weather.
This aircraft has everything that is required even on longer flights, making it a superb value for money proposition.

  1. galley
  2. wide seats
  3. fold-out tables
  4. three-seat divan
  5. lavatory
  6. baggage compartment
Serial Number
Maximum Take-Off Weight
38 850.00 lbs / 17 622.06 kg
Cabin Length
28.60 ft / 8.72 m
Cabin Width
7.17 ft / 2.19 m
Cabin Height
6.08 ft / 1.85 m
Cabin Volume
860.00 cu.ft. / 24.35 m³
Range Seats Full
2 998 nm / 5 552 km
Maximum Cruise Speed
448 ktas / 830 km/h
Maximum Operation Altitude
45 000 ft / 13 716 m
68.70 ft / 20.94 m
20.00 ft / 6.10 m
63.80 ft / 19.45 m