Bombardier lineup prevails in Russia & CIS 400+ bizjet fleet


According to the ArcosJet latest market research, Bombardier models represent 30 percent of Russia & CIS owners’ fleet, with the Gulfstream line right behind with a 21-percent market share. The most popular is the Bombardier Global family, counting up to 70 aircraft, while ArcosJet analysts expect it to slightly expand its share as deliveries of the newest Global 6500 and 7500 models take place in the next couple of years.

ArcosJet to Strengthen its Global Presence with New Appointments in Dubai and EU Offices


ArcosJet is proud to announce Mehrzad Sepasi joining the company team as a Director of Sales & Business Development based in Dubai and Yuri Dzun as a Sales and Marketing Director, Europe. The new ArcosJet Team members will further expand local markets coverage and help the company to stay closer to its customers in Europe and the Middle East.

People ask us: Why do we need a broker if we can do everything ourselves?


Innovation: If we take specifically ArcosJet, we are very innovative in the way we present aircraft. Besides traditional presentations, photos, spec sheets we make a full digital representation including an exterior 3D model and interior virtual tour...

Corporate Jet Investor (CJI), London – understanding the Russian market


This year, for the first time ever in the history of Corporate Jet Investor, business aviation in Russia became one of the main panels at the conference.

Uzbek market lucrative prospects


The first UAALF-2020 international aviation forum in the history of Uzbekistan was held in Tashkent at the end of February.

Acalorada charla o lo que se discutió en Aviapages


Traditionally, prior to the Russian business aviation exhibition RUBAE, Aviapages holds its annual Workshop in the heart of Moscow’s Volkhonka mansion.

Epic Night by ArcosJet – a la altura del éxito!


La fiesta Epic Night by ArcosJet de este año ha superado todas las expectativas. Más de 430 invitados se han reunido en el restaurante Shakti Terrace en la Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya. Los invitados provenían no solo del país anfitrión, sino también de diferentes países europeos y de la CEI para participar en la fiesta más épica de la aviación en Rusia.

Global 7500 establece un récord de distancia de vuelo de negocios


El nuevo Global 7500 de Bombardier logró lo que el fabricante califica como el vuelo más largo de un avión de negocios de la historia.

Buenas noticias: Global 7500 ha sido certificado en Europa


“Conocemos a muchas personas que están encantadas con la certificación europea del Global 7500 ”, dice Ivan Veretennikov, Director de Ventas de ArcosJet.

El punto de encuentro habitual


El taller de Aviapages de este año tuvo lugar otra vez antes de la exposición de aviación privada de RUBAE el 11 de septiembre.

¡La fiesta Epic Night by ArcosJet fue realmente épica!


Por segundo año consecutivo, ArcosJet organizó una fiesta en Moscú antes del EBACE en Ginebra. Miembros de la comunidad de la aviación, pilotos privados y representantes de varias marcas de lujo compartieron la opinión de que la fiesta ofrece una oportunidad increíble para reunirse con amigos, compartir ideas y conocer nuevos actores del mercado.

Las sanciones nos cortan las alas


Al inaugurar una reciente reunión del Club Inglés de Moscú, Oleg Matveev presentó a sus invitados: miembros de la asociación empresarial Congress Collegium dirigida por su presidente Yuri Raskin y el socio del Club Inglés ArcosJet.

La conferencia de Corporate Jet Investor, más optimista que nunca


Más de 550 personas se inscribieron en el salón de baile del hotel Landmark para Corporate Jet Investor London 2018. La agenda de la conferencia y los oradores generaron tal interés entre los delegados, que, por primera vez en sus 8 años de historia, las plazas para el Corporate Jet Investor London fueron completamente agotadas semanas antes del evento y la lista de espera era de más de 100 personas.

АrcosJet is ready to take on the bizav market in Uzbekistan


ArcosJet executives arrived at the International airport “Tashkent” on an official visit, hosted by the national carrier Uzbekistan Havo Yullari.

ArcosJet at Aviapages’ workshop


ArcosJet is excited to partner with Aviapages and eagerly supported yet another workshop in Moscow, held the day before the international business aviation exhibition JetExpo. The workshop was attended by over 170 people from every specialist field – from charter brokers to service centers.

Moscow, May 19. Friday Night Live


ArcosJet team was excited to welcome everyone who came to our party. Amicable atmosphere, breathtaking view over Moscow from the roof of 15-storey building and amazing sunny weather didn’t even begin to cover what was awaiting our guests at Friday Night Live.

Fly to the BRICS: Business Aviation Trends


ArcosJet, the aviation broker specializing in business aircraft sales and acquisitions, has been closely monitoring the BRICS markets trends for years. Hence, the recent international business aviation exhibition ABACE in Shanghai was not overlooked.

Friday Night Live


We are excited to welcome you to our party on May, 19! If you haven’t met us yet – even better, this is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Mixed Hopes: ArcosJet Presents 2017 Business Aviation Market Outlook


The global economic crisis has been once again affecting the business aviation industry. “No doubt, the 2008 financial crisis had far more serious consequences, but in 2016 the business aviation market saw a decline of 7%. It could have been even more severe if it wasn’t for a modest growth in sales on the North American and Western European markets,

ArcosJet compares Chinese and Russian aircraft buyers


As the number of Chinese billionaires increased over the past year by more than 50, to 213, in Russia it decreased by 23, to 88, according to analysis by Moscow-based private aircraft broker ArcosJet, a situation which it believes could pave the way for a migration of pre-owned business jets from Russia to China.

Hawker 900XP


The modern cornerstone of the Embraer business jet lineup, the large Legacy 650, is based on the bestselling Legacy 600, which in turn became a very successful conversion of a regional jet.

Embraer Legacy 650


The modern cornerstone of the Embraer business jet lineup, the large Legacy 650, is based on the bestselling Legacy 600, which in turn became a very successful conversion of a regional jet.

Bombardier Global 5000


The smaller business aircraft in the Bombardier Global range can cover distances of over 5000 nm (9630 km) at speeds of up to 511 ktas (946 km/h).

Dassault Falcon 5X


The long-awaited SMS (super-midsize) newcomer in the Falcon lineup became one of the hottest premieres in business aviation of late. The biggest surprise was the size: it’s way above super-midsize, treading the territory of ultra-long-range jets.

ArcosJet and Tim Callies Announce ArcosJet Design


The business aircraft sales and acquisitions specialists ArcosJet and renowned designer Tim Callies, author of many stunning business aircraft interiors, are announcing a collaboration that will combine great designs and a hi-tech approach.

Gulfstream G650


This ultra-long-range aircraft became the first successful “next-gen” business jet and the first Gulfstream to use fly-by-wire instead of traditional flight controls.