With experience in aircraft sales and acquisitions, fleet management, FBO and heliport construction, interior design, and helicopter operations, the ArcosJet team brings confidence, know-how, innovation, and efficiency to business aviation.

We established the company in 2014, having previously succeeded in various projects and sharing between us many decades of industry experience and passion for aviation. With headquarters in Dubai and having offices in Milan, Vienna and London, we have a truly global outreach – much like the winged machines that we buy, sell, operate, and fly.

Although our core activity is aircraft sales and acquisitions, we strive to explore new areas of the market and are always ready to offer our customers the services they require, be it aircraft management, maintenance supervision, crew training, legal support, or a multitude of other things one would never think about until they got an aircraft to look after. Even in the process of an aircraft acquisition or sale, there are so many considerations: financing, leasing, insurance, prepurchase inspections, technical acceptance, taxes, deregistration and exportation and so on.

We’ve spent many years studying and perfecting our processes so all our customers need to do is outline the task and go about their business while we produce the results.

Your benefits

With ArcosJet you benefit from the following unique advantages:

  • A team of professionals with a strong experience in aircraft sales transactions
  • Profound knowledge of business aircraft and their advantages for specific objectives
  • Impressive connections across the industry, worldwide impeccable reputation
  • Impressive expertise and business network in emerging markets, such as BRICS, MINT, unique metrics and analytics
  • In-house technical team to assist in any inspections and technical maintenance
  • In-house legal team to guarantee protection in aviation deals for clients
  • Strong ties with financial institutions, insurance and leasing companies

Our achievements

  • Pre-owned aircraft sales worth over $2 billion
  • Offices in Dubai, Milan and Vienna
  • Clients from CIS, Europe, USA, Middle East, Russia
  • Establishing a European aircraft operator certified under EASA, as well as a CAMO organisation to support its activities