ArcosJet: Aircraft’s Interior Drives Purchase Decision

Interior is a key factor behind the decision to purchase a pre-owned business jet, ArcosJet experts stated at the Aviation Design Cocktail 2021, held earlier this week in Monte Carlo, Monaco, by ArcosJet, supported by Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ).

Along with ArcosJet experts, the event featured a host of experts representing aircraft companies, famous design bureaus, and luxury interior material manufacturers such as Airbus Corporate Jets, Callies Graefe Design, Winch Design, and Foglizzo. The lively discussion focused on the latest trends in the development of aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional executive aircraft interiors, as well as on practical cases of implementing such projects.

“The ACJ TwoTwenty is a game changer that opens up a new market segment the “extra-large bizjet”. This new interior design turns the ACJ TwoTwenty into a flying art gallery, offering an extraordinary flying experience to its valuable passengers”, said Stan Shparberg, ACJ SVP Head of Commercial and Marketing.

“ArcosJet’s experience shows that the decision to buy a specific aircraft, especially a preowned one, depends directly on the design, quality, and condition of its interior”, said Mikhail Alenkin, ArcosJet Founder & CEO. “As buyers gladly go for bizjets with new, aesthetically honed passenger spaces, sellers these days have a great variety of interior renovation options offered by the industry. For example, ArcosJet has done many great projects for our customers with Tim Callies and Callies Graefe Design.”

The ArcosJet Aviation Design Cocktail took place Sep 21, 2021, on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show, at the Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo. The event welcomed some 80 guests, among them representatives of aircraft owners, fleet operators, aircraft management and handling companies, airports, and other business aviation industry players.