We do our best

To help you buy below and sell above the market


Buying an Aircraft

The ArcosJet team will help you find, choose, and buy the aircraft that best suits your needs and capabilities. Solving this task requires a coordinated effort from experts in every field, and this is where we offer you our experience, true team synergy, competent legal and technical support backed by a history of dozens of successfully closed deals.

Keeping a close eye on the market, tracking and analyzing the slightest changes allows us to stay one step ahead of the situation. Always.

Selling an Aircraft

The task of marketing and selling your aircraft becomes that much simpler using the vast professional knowledge, a network of industry connections, tried-and-true promotion techniques, and direct contacts with buyers, that ArcosJet has to offer. In fact, we might just already know the buyer for your business jet or helicopter while you are calling us for the first time.

We offer solutions based on a history of success and extensive knowledge of the market.

Aircraft Fleet Management

How many business jets it takes to fully suit your flight requirements? What format – private or commercial – is best for your needs? Incorporate a new fleet management company or use the services of an existing one? What budget to allocate for aircraft fleet expenses? We are here to help you find the right answers to these questions and many more.

We care for details and pay due attention to formal procedures.


ArcosJet’s in-house legal department works day in, day out to help you save your time and money by avoiding any hidden pitfalls. We guarantee that your deal and any pertaining paperwork will be done in full compliance with any regulations and standards applicable.


With a knowledge of local regulations and procedures obtained through hands-on experience of many successful deals, we are willing to help you arrange and document the importing of your aircraft to the country of your choice.


Design plays a big role in the decision to buy an aircraft. New or pre-owned, an aircraft’s looks in many ways determine the emotions and overall experience you gain from flying. Sometimes it may only take upgrading a few components or adding some accessories, but sometimes you may feel like fully changing and customizing the interior of your new or pre-owned business jet. On an exclusive basis, ArcosJet works with Graefe Design, a leading Dusseldorf-based design bureau, to offer our clients a wide choice of interior design solutions to suit every taste and style. ArcosJet experts represent our clients at all stages of the work, from initial design development to implementation of the design project at the aircraft completion center.

We are guided by taste; we value aesthetics and we never forget that emotions are extremely important in making any decision.


Experience and established connections allow us to play an active part in financing aircraft sale and purchase deals by finding the best possible options depending on the situation and the customer’s needs and capabilities. We use tried-and-true solutions to structure deals, including aircraft buyout.


Our work is not over once the aircraft purchase deal is closed. Good relations with our customers matter to us, and we are committed to keeping them up for many years to come. You can count on our help in any matter, be it related to aviation or not. We base our customer relations on principles of openness and mutual respect.