Selling and buying business aircraft is our passion, art, and vocation



Who We Are

We professionally sell and buy business aircraft in the interests of our customers. Our mission is to keep a close eye on the business jet market, knowing, down to the last detail, its technical, legal, and financial procedures, maintaining and developing a wide network of professional contacts, and utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies to help you sell or buy the business jet or helicopter of your dream. With offices and representatives in Dubai, Vienna, Milano, and Cyprus, we can always be there for our customers, wherever they may be.

Our passion for aviation brings us together at ArcosJet, where our commitment, caring, and innovative approach have become our trademark style.



The Team

We at ArcosJet are confident that the success of any deal or project, as well as your positive experience from it, is 100% determined by the people working for you. Created as a unique team of like-minded experts from the very outset, ArcosJet blends experience and professionalism with young energy, a sense for all things beautiful, and a passion for the latest technologies. It’s crucial for us to stay as open as possible and speak to our customers in an honest and straightforward manner. We do value cooperation, mutual trust, and respect



OUR Story

By the time we started working together in 2014, the members of our team had accumulated a vast experience in business aircraft brokerage as well as other areas such as charter brokerage, ground handling, and fleet management. Today, the ArcosJet portfolio boasts a multitude of successful deals, with a specialization in buying and selling large and long-range business jets. A combination of proven schemes and tailored approach, along with established ties with business jet manufacturers and partners all over the world, helps us always succeed in finding the best aircraft there is for the buyer and the best solution for the seller.

Cutting-edge technology helps us cooperate with you in the most efficient and productive manner, analyzing offers and visualizing dry figures and characteristics.