People ask us: Why do we need a broker if we can do everything ourselves?


People ask us: Why do we need a broker if we can do everything ourselves?


People ask us: Why do we need a broker if we can do everything ourselves?

Knowledge, experience, and foresight

A good broker always knows several potential buyers of a certain aircraft and in many cases can get it sold without even advertising it on the market. This expertise is greatly boosted by a contact database of aircraft buyers and owners,their flight departments, aircraft managers, etc. built over the years.

Constant networking with other brokers worldwide

A history of doing business together and of joint successes builds trust and means other brokers will bring their clients to see the aircraft. Without having to negotiate transaction details, commissions, and other things each time.

Trade name

A broker with a name looks transparent and predictable to other players on the market: personal assistants, pilots, agents, lawyers. Very often it’s these people who bring a deal to the table and a well-known aviation broker raises much fewer questions than a one-off entity or private individual who wants to sell a plane.

A broker does it all the time

This shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in today’s world, which is full of constantly changing restrictions. Does a crew need entry permissions? Will they be quarantined? Can a plane fly to PPI in Singapore via Pakistan? These are new challenges that require updates every day. But the traditional ones are still there too: tax and currency risks, sanctions, certifications, financing and others.

High motivation

In every transaction there’s a point when you think this is it. The people on the other side are either too dumb or too demanding. It’s just not going to work. It’s time to call it quits. A broker makes a living closing deals, so he will continue working, looking for solutions, trying to find common ground, offering creative ways to bring the transaction to success. This is especially important in cross-border deals where not just the laws and business practices, but even mentalities are completely different.


If we take specifically ArcosJet, we are very innovative in the way we present aircraft. Besides traditional presentations, photos, spec sheets we make a full digital representation including an exterior 3D model and interior virtual tour, which truly makes the planes we show stand out. We use our custom iOS app to guide our clients through the aircraft in a memorable and informative experience. This has proven especially effective in new times, when people cannot or are reluctant to travel and see things in person.

Advertising and marketing

A broker has a plan how to market aircraft depending on specific parameters and has long-term relationships with major websites, internal broker tools, exhibitions, and other marketing venues. This means better positioning, better prices, maximum coverage, and great efficiency. Plus, you don’t pay for it, as it’s part of the brokerage package.

Saving your time

We always like to say that none of our clients made the money to buy a plane by selling planes. So we urge our clients to let a broker do what he’s good at, and spend their time on their main business – or set aside more time for family. There’s never enough!

And something you know already

Although a broker’s commission is paid from the sale price and sometimes it looks like a big amount of money, it’s usually only part of the money you win from a well-managed transaction. From actually selling the plane at a better price to the savings you generate by not overpaying at a pre-purchase inspection, lawyers’ fees, advertising, presentation materials. And the time your employees spend doing their job as opposed to trying to figure out an aircraft transaction. Even the money you save by not paying freelance pilots who got stuck somewhere for a fortnight on quarantine – this is all a tangible advantage of employing a broker to sell an aircraft.

Buy and sell aircraft with a professional aircraft broker. It’s a smart choice that helps you save time and money – and get the job done!