ArcosJet and Tim Callies Announce ArcosJet Design

The business aircraft sales and acquisitions specialists ArcosJet and renowned designer Tim Callies, author of many stunning business aircraft interiors, are announcing a collaboration that will combine great designs and a hi-tech approach.

18 May 2015, Geneva – ArcosJet and Tim Callies arrived at EBACE with an exciting announcement: while retaining the Tim Callies Design brand for personal projects, Tim will contribute his great expertise and unique sense of style to ArcosJet Design – a joint venture with aircraft broker ArcosJet that will focus primarily on interior design for large-cabin business jets and VIP airliners. Besides tailor-made projects, ArcosJet Design will offer semi-custom refurbishment solutions for the most popular pre-owned aircraft types. The designs can be seen in a software suite where customers easily choose different options and can instantly look around the interior using a smartphone or tablet PC. The same apps let users compare not just the design details, but the aircraft themselves, adding another dimension to the purchasing and outfitting process for both new and pre-owned aircraft.

“I am very excited about this new venture,” says Tim Callies. “We’ve worked with ArcosJet on several completions projects in the past and decided it’s time to introduce a new approach to interior design. We are going to offer some very well-balanced concepts that customers can build upon, and we will show them in real time how their choices affect the final product. Eventually we will be able to virtually walk them through their aircraft before work even starts. This will help us create the ideal interior, adjust the finest details, and save a lot of time in the process.” 

“First of all, we love what Tim does with airplanes – that’s how we got together in the first place,” adds Ivan Veretennikov, head of Sales and Marketing at ArcosJet. “Our experience with completions has given us deep insight into what customers need. Each aircraft buyer is unique in taste, style, even the amount of money they want to invest, but they all have one thing in common: they all value time and want things to happen as efficiently as possible. Using a number of hi-tech solutions, we will make the journey from concept to delivery smooth, tangible, and relaxing. With ArcosJet Design, you get a beautiful interior with a few taps on an iPad screen. That’s what we’re aiming at.”