Bombardier Global 5000

The smaller business aircraft in the Bombardier Global range can cover distances of over 5000 nm (9630 km) at speeds of up to 511 ktas (946 km/h). With its spacious and comfortable cabin it makes trips like London—Beijing, New York—Buenos Aires, or Dubai—Cape Town a pleasing, rather than stressful, affair.

Key Features

On the outside, the Global 5000 is instantly recognisable as a top-line Bombardier jet. Its sleek lines, long wing with tall winglets, T-tail, and the long line of rectangular windows form an image of a hi-tech, modern business aircraft. Its powerful and efficient Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 engines ensure excellent performance and rate of climb. On takeoff you may find yourself hanging on the seatbelts if you are facing aft. Don’t worry about your ears popping, however, as the pressurisation system runs very smoothly. The soundproofing also deserves a mention, as there’s no need to raise your voice to be heard at any stage of flight. 

Pilots say that the Global 5000 is in a way a “sporty” version of the Global Express / 6000 models. It climbs directly to 41000 ft when fully loaded, while the operating ceiling of 51000 ft ensures maximum efficiency on long flights. It is a bit more agile due to its smaller size and can operate on shorter runways compared to its larger sibling, making it more versatile if you are willing to sacrifice about 1000 nm of range.


The Vision flight deck forms the nerve centre of the Global 5000, offering a wide array of new technology expected in a truly modern aircraft. Four large LCD screens arranged in a T-shape give the pilots access to all important information at a glance – a welcome change from the smaller screens and gauges of the previous panels. This glass cockpit also boasts a head-up display, as well as enhanced and synthetic vision systems (EVS, SVS). Together, the features of the Vision flight deck reduce pilot workload and fatigue and help increase flight safety, especially in poor visibility conditions.


The Global 5000 is one of the best aircraft in the ultra-long-range class when it comes to cabin comfort thanks to its wide and tall cross-section. In the typical layout, there is a fore galley, followed by a passenger area divided into a lounge and dining zone with two sets of club seats, and a private state room with a fold-out divan and two chairs in the back. There is an aft lavatory, which is followed by a pressurised baggage compartment accessible in flight – to reach anything you may have forgotten. The wide, comfortable chairs have a number of configurations that allow them to combine and fold out into berths when necessary.

There is an abundant array of premium interior materials to choose from. Coupled with Airshow, high-speed internet, ambient lighting, three-zone air conditioning, and many other entertainment and connectivity options, the Global 5000 cabin can truly be suited to fulfil all needs.


Until recently, the Global 5000 had no direct competitors, which led to Dassault and Gulfstream unveiling the 5X and G500, respectively, aimed squarely at the market that it currently holds to itself. It will be at least another couple of years until they are certified, however. Until then the closest aircraft in terms of factory price is the Falcon 7X. The trijet has a longer flight range, but comes second in some other parameters, such as cabin volume, width, and height. The 7X fits only 14 seats as opposed to 17 on the Global 5000, has a smaller baggage compartment, and costs about 2 million more. On the other hand, the Falcon costs 700 dollars less per hour to operate, according to Aircraft Cost Calculator.

Aircraft of a similar size, such as the Gulfstream G550 and the Global 6000, cost up to 10 million more. Taking all of these considerations into account, the Global 5000 seems to genuinely fit a niche of its own, successfully topping all competition in this 5000 nautical mile segment. Around 200 owners and operators around the world were convinced enough to put their money on this plane, making it one of the bestsellers in the Bombardier lineup. It is the ideal aircraft for an owner who wants the spacious cabin and excellent flight performance of the Global family and is willing to sacrifice some flight range in favour of a better deal.